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We are currently doubling up on the amount we write but I think, if on Tapestry, the window that shows all the obs done in chronological order could show the whole ob and not just part of it, then we would be able to screen shot the pages and job done.

So ... Is anyone else in this position and found a practical solution please?

Does anyone know if the observations page enables each box to stretch? ie) the whole observation is visible rather than just part, please?

Sorry, if this ends up in the wrong section, it's my first post!

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Hi, thanks for replying. Yes, writing the observation is fine. If you click on the tab on the left hand side of the home screen that says 'observations' it shows all the obs written in chronological order, it is like a snapshot diary, it usually shows only part of each ob. If each ob could be completely shown then it would show all teaching and learning for that day/week/period. Am I being any clearer? Apologies for the waffle! Many thanks!!

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