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Over the past 3 years I have included small group finger gym sessions twice a week using ideas from the 'Finger Gym' book as well as other ideas especially those needing more gross motor development. The children a put in differentiated groups for this. However, I'm not quite sure whether to continue with these activities apart from for the children who need the extra support as we have so many opportunities for children to develop their fine-motor skills available anyway - do they really need extra specific games?

Wondering whether to do dough disco with those that need extra support?

What do other settings do?



Gree Hippo x

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dianneh - this is the link to youtube -

- there are other versions but our children love Shonette - I am not sure if there is any evidence that it works but anything that encourages children to use their hand muscles must be a plus on the road to writing skills.
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