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Government response to 30 hours delivery consultation


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Over the weekend, the Government has released their response to the consultation about the 30 hours delivery. You can read it here


It is quite a lengthy document - once we have all had a chance to read and digest the contents we can discuss them here!

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They say they're increasing funding but then they say they are committed to introducing a early years national funding formula.


The PLA calculator showed Birmingham losing 70p per hour and our local newspaper said a few days ago we culd lose upto 50% under the funding formula.


I dont see Birmingham funding increasing under that.


A targeted Disability fund will be 'subject to the early years funding consultation'. So what does that mean? Is there money for SEN or not?


Funding for the 15 or 30 hours is 'not intended to cover the cost of consumables, such as drink, meals, nappies'. Are they really saying we should charge for these??


Good to see they're going to look at the GCSE requirement. Our level 2 is stuck where she is but is an excellent practitioner.


Thats as far as I've read...... :1b

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The bit that really jumped out at me was that a huge percentage of providers and LA's think the funding is inadequate. The response was " the government disagree with this and are committed to Early Years blah, blah, blah

What a load of rubbish. All they keep doing is saying that they have pledged xx amount of pounds over the next 4 years, but refuse to actually commit to a straightforward figure. If only the would say "yes, we know we cant give what is needed but we will call the funding subsidized instead of free and then you may charge a top up fee" I really cannot see the problem with that. If parents dont want to pay the difference they can go somewhere cheaper or somewhere that doesnt charge. But carry on doing what they are (burying their heads in the sand) and there will be very few Early Years settings apart from full daycare or maintained nursery schools and therefore no choice.

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