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We are new to Tapestry this year and have just added all of our parents. I have a few questions:



1. If parents have not received the activation email and I want to resend this am I able to do this? Do I need to delete them and then re-add them?


2. If we want to add some assessment onto one of the parent observations are we able to do this and will the parents be able to see the assessment (we have set it so they can't on our obs)?


3. Do the parents obs always need approving by a member of staff before they are in the child's learning journal?


Thank you :1b

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Well done on making your first post! Welcome to the Forum :1b

In answer to your questions ...

1. No, you don't delete them. Go to control panel > manage relatives and you will see an option to resend the notification email - make sure you tell them to check their junk box as we often get sent there! They will then need to add us to their 'safe-senders' list or they won't receive any notifications either!

2. You can add assessments to any observation whether it is written by staff or relatives - you can then assess them as normal. If you have blocked parents form seeing assessments (control panel > settings > relatives) they will not be able to see the assessments

3.You can set whether or not parent obs need approval from your control panel (control panel > settings > observations)

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Hi! We are also new to Tapestry this year and I am experiencing similar problems in adding relatives. Half my parents have received the activation e mail, but half have not. I've checked the e mail addresses and they are correct. Parents say that they are not in their junk mail either.

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If you click on the cog then the 'reset password' option, you'll be taken to a page which gives you the option to send it by email, generate a link, or manually reset the password.

Which way you choose is up to you. If you send it by email it will send them an email which behaves in the exact same way as the activation email - they just click on a link to set themselves a password.

If you choose to generate a link, you will need to contact the relative yourself with the link and they will be able to set themselves a password using that. In either of those two cases though, the links will only be active for 24 hours, so the relative will need to use it by then.

Manually resetting the password means you will be the one to choose their password. You will then need to tell them what you set it to so they can log into Tapestry and change it themselves from their edit preferences screen whenever they get chance. This has no time limit to it, so it might be the better option if you're not sure that the relative will see the email very soon after it's been sent.


If you are on the updated version of Tapestry the best place to go to see what's going on with emails is the 'Email Log' in the control panel. You can use that to see if messages to certain people have bounced or been blocked. I know that some spam boxes delete emails after a certain number of days, so it could be that that has already happened for the relatives who aren't receiving notification/password reset emails. If they add noreply@tapestryjournal.com to their approved senders list though, hopefully they should start going into their regular inbox.

I hope that helps!

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Are they able to login but don't see anything when they get there? It might be that they have not been attached to their child. You can check this by going into "Manage Relatives", it should show the connected children for each relative in the list. If the child is not attached, you need to edit the relative and attach them.

To make an observation from home they just need to login and then use the "Add Observation" if they're using a web browser or the "+" button if they're using the Tapestry app.

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Sorry am new to tapestry and pretty much there, have 2 questions if ok

How do parents add an observation ?

How do i know i have set this up correctly to allow them to use this facility of adding an observation etc ?




*edit * just seen reply to one of my questions - apologies

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Welcome to Tapestry and the Forum!


Parents add observations to Tapestry in the same way you do, they just won't have access to the assessments. There isn't a way to stop parents being able to add observations to Tapestry so you don't have to worry about setting this up. :1b


One option you might want to consider is whether you want observations added by parents to go straight in a child's learning journal, or whether you want to approve these first. If you want to approve parent observations before they go in the journal you can enable this setting by going to the control panel -> settings -> observations and tick the 'Require staff review before relative observations are added to journals.' option.

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