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We are currently using tapestry for all of our assessment and tracking in EYFS. Y1 are also using tapestry but additionally using Target Tracker to record tracking info. After this year we may wish to roll out tapestry for tracking into KS1 but there is no analysis option for KS1 currently. Is this something you are planning to add in the future? If so, what sort of time frame would this happen in?

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Any news on this? I am running a training session for heads in our local group and would like to be able to give them some info on this. At the moment are Y1s are using tapestry and also target tracker and it would be great to have to option to move to just using tapestry. Thanks.

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Hi By1973,

I'm afraid there isn't any analysis other than the snapshot section for KS1 yet - we've been a bit tied up with getting the update to Tapestry completed. I'm sorry about that. We are just starting to work on the analysis section though, so more screens for KS1 should be on the way relatively soon! Are there any specific things you would like to see that we could be thinking about?

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Hi Lauren,

We would like to extend tapestry into Y2 next year and gradually stop using target tracker. What we need to be able to do is track the children's progress so anything that could help us with that would be great. I would imagine for our KS1 teachers it would be useful to be able to look at progress from term to term, especially with Lit and Maths. I will have a chat with them and ask them if they have any other specific things they would like... ::1a

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