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We are finding it difficult to scroll down each time we do an obs to find the child we need. At the moment we have aprox 140 children on the app as that is how many children are in the nursery. However we do not need to have all those children available as we only need access to the 3-4 year olds in our part of the nursery and the 2yr room only need access to the two year olds.


Alternatively a search button that would suggest the possibles once we enter the first letter? Also it would be good to be able to do an obs on a child straight from the search function.


Is there any chance any of these could happen please?


From a mainly happy but occasionally frustrated Tapestry user.


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I have just spoken to one of our developers: All of the things you are talking about are in development at the moment and (fingers crossed) will be available by Christmas. They will be released on the iOS version first and the android version will follow.

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Don't forget that you can always assign children to key staff and have those staff opt to view only their key children- so they don't have to scroll through children they do not make observations for. :1b

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