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Hi everyone


We are debating about changing the pay for our administrator from an hourly rate to salaried. We are also thinking of changing the way we pay the Supervisor/Manager (who is also paid on an hourly rate) The Supervisor is putting in a lot of extra hours after she goes home (planning and other admin tasks as you are all well aware of), but she doesn't tend to put a lot of those hours on her timesheet, so we are thinking about changing that portion of her work (i.e. work not done at the actual setting) to salary.


I'm not sure how this will work or how much the salary should be at the moment, so was wondering if anyone else pays any of their Administrator or Supervisor in this way and if it works well.



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A lot of views but no replies..


All the staff I worked with were paid in 12 equal payments over a year, it was easier to budget.


The amount was worked out by using our usual weekly pay multiplied by the number of weeks we were open, holiday pay was then added to this and the figure was divided by 12 to give a monthly payment. Overtime was entered on a timesheet each month and paid in addition. It was not often we had overtime to pay .


As supervisor I was paid an extra 6 hours a week for the admin etc that I did at home, we did not have an administrator . I was also given 1 weeks pay extra to cover the bits I did during the holidays , it did not cover it all, but was a help and showed that they realised how much I did out of hours.


If paying a salary I would want to ensure that there is a good job description in place to cover the work that is included in this. Some weeks I did a lot more than others but it tended to even out over a year.

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Same as Inge. In our settings that are just sessional and term time, staff work 35 hours we pay them 39 weeks work plus three weeks pay = 42 weeks then divide it by 12 for an equal monthly payment. With the leaders, we do the same but allow 40 hours so that they can do their admin.

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