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Stupid questions, please help


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Dear All,


I am in need of some help.

I feel like I have been thrown in at the deep end and am starting to sink.


This is my 8th year teaching but my first in Reception (having taught Years 1 - 5). I am in an international school but without the normal money and resources that you might expect.

I have a few really simple questions I need help with.


1.What does your day look like in Rec? My class are transitioning from nursery so will be in till 12:30 this week. I would love to know the breakdown of your timetable and what ideas you have for continuous provision for these first few weeks. My children have been i school (till 8-11:30) for 6 school days so far.

2. How best do we do continuous provision? Do you tick children off each activity? (this was suggested to me but I thought this goes against the idea of child led learning??)

3. How many guided groups do you? I could easily do phonics, English and Maths as a guided group but I fear this may be too much too soon.

4. We are following Jolly Phonics, how many sounds do you do per week? I asked our nursery teacher and she said one a week?!?! I looked online at TES at some excellent phonics session planning and they do a new sound each day!

I was hoping to be mentored by the Head of school but due to massive security issues that is no longer possible.

5. How best do you guide the children in their learning and still allow it to be child led??


Please help!!!!

I am using Tapestry and trying to get my head around that too......


Mrs Duff


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Hello Mrs Duff,

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling overwhelmed but believe me, many many teachers feel like this, particularly at the beginning of the year, and especially so when you have a new year group and little support in the school. :1b

My first piece of advice is not to run before you can walk. You can add in all the extras slowly, week by week; you don't need to hit the ground running.

The most important thing- top priority in my opinion- is to help the children settle into their new surroundings, make friends and feel confident in your care and expertise. And to do this, I think child- led activities and continuous provision are the key- where you can join in with different children at different times and get to know them. There is absolutely no need to have a ticklist for these activities. A waste of your time if you are starting to observe the children and record their activities and learning.

Build in some story and singing time, and some movement activities first of all, then gradually introduce your focused activities, week by week.

How many children do you have and do you have a TA?

Good luck- and most of all, enjoy getting to know the children.

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Thanks Helen!!!

Yes I realise the importance of getting them settled, I think I am just anxious to do it right! I feel as though I should know more than I do!


We have done lots of singing activities and we love to have story time once a day as a whole class, some of them are very good at listening and paying attention!


Yes I do have a TA but she is not trained so although she is great she is more clueless than I am, she is also National staff so is not used to any concept of child led learning or critical thinking.

We have 18 children, one who has specific needs but the more I get to know her the more I think it may be down to lack of boundaries at home.

Is there a list of activities anywhere online I can look at? At present I am just doing what I think is right, so we have puzzles, writing area, white board on the wall for mark making, lego station and craft area. We did have dressing up clothes but that seemed more a distraction so I decided to remove that for the first few weeks. I hope to build a role play area too.

Any thoughts on those activities?

We have a go at copying our names when we come in to class too.

thanks for your help!

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There are lots of useful resources in our Library which might help you - there are lesson plans, activity ideas and links to other resources. You might also like the topic support area on the forum - there are several thematic 'packs' in there - although they are a little out of date in terms of links to the EYFS and 'child led' learning you might just find one that gives you the flash of inspiration you need!

I think 'doing what I think is right' is what we all do! Removing the dressing up clothes because they were causing a distraction shows that you do know what you're doing - you just need a bit of confidence.

I remember thinking that every class I had in September was 'the worst class I've ever had' and that feeling always lasted until October half-term and by then I'd brought them round to 'my way of thinking' and everything was much easier then!

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hello there Mrs Duff,

Just hoping all is going better now, having just read your post!


Thanks Choc is good!

14 weeks in and I am feeling much more confident, although I feel as I could spend all day reading about what to do next/ how to do it?!?!

I am enjoying it.

I am looking into in the moment planning for next term and story writing/ oral story telling.

thanks for the help everyone!

Mrs Duff

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