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The most popular screen to see how your children are doing are the snapshots tab, the age-band tracker on the snapshots screen, and the comparison screen (from your analysis tab, click on the EYFS heading then scroll right down to the bottom). The comparison screen allows you to select two assessment periods so you can see the progress between the two.

I hope this helps :1b

We're currently working on new screens to show progress, so if there's anything you'd particularly like to see , please let us know.

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Helen, our LA is 'encouraging' us to use the Kent Tracker. Which is ok but really I find it so time consuming, its very slow and 'sulky' as well. Also I get the data from Tapestry, input to Kent Tracker and then really it gives me the same information back! However the one thing it does give us that I can seem to get from tapestry is a 'true' picture of progress. For example it will tell me that Johnny was at 22-36 e at his starting point, the next term he was 22-36d and the next at 30-50e for each Aspect. I can see all this at a glance. Now I maybe wrong but have never been able to get this information at a glance on Tapestry. Or am I missing something,


If not I think this would be of most value to groups and the biggest improvement you could make. (although I do love Tapestry as do all my staff!)

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If you are using refinements when you are assessing observations - as you say emerging, developing, secure and have also got your assessment overview screen (control panel > setting > summative assessments) set to show you 'age bands and refinements' you will get this information when you use the analysis screens. Analysis > EYFS > progress will tell you the information you are seeing in your Kent tracker - hope that helps!

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hi, I may be missing something really simple here but is there a way to lose all the the periods from the age band tracker that have none of the existing children in ? I have 7 periods going back to Aut 1 - 13/14, it would also be useful to be able to reset the pie charts for eyfs and coel in analysis so they reflect observation practice in the current year. Thanks

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