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I wonder can any of you shed some light on this for me.

I have a new member of staff starting next week who has just enrolled on a


'Cache L2 Cert in an Introduction to Early Years and education' when she got to the end of the enrollment process (took hours) she then discovered the course would be over two days, 9:30-3pm on both days. this is going to prove a nightmare as we cant really afford to have her gone for two days and they are the two days we would most need her on.


We then discovered that our other local college did a

'Cache L2 cert for EY's and young people'

but this is done over one morning. I'm really struggling to know what the difference in the courses are and does it matter? She sat a numeracy and literacy at the first college (she has A level English anyway) so I cant see it being that.


Does anyone know what the difference is? She's due to start the first college next week but is awaiting an interview for the second college. However she said they are so busy with A level students enrolling that they're not particularly in a rush with the adults yet.

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I've had a quick look and I've found the first qualification on the CACHE website:


'Cache L2 Cert in an Introduction to Early Years and education'


However, I can't find the second one - this is the list of the Level two programmes here


I'm not sure if this helps - but I think it's very odd that I can't find the quicker qualification ...

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rebecca your correct, I cant find it either and it doesnt actually say that it is a Cache course. So I wonder if that is the reason why?


I think I got the Cache thing because the college website were advertising full time courses for Cache

Certificate in Introduction to Early Years Education & Care - Level 2. So now I'm even more confused!


Thank you for your reply though

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Ok, so my mistake its not EY's and young people its

Children and Yong People Workforce. So it is a Cache course it's on there.


Ringing the college at the moment is a bit of a nightmare. She's been on the phone to them every day since last Weds and they just keep saying they will get back to her. I just dont want her to start the first course for two whole days when its not necessary

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So what is even odder is the longer qualification says you can work with children from birth to 7.

The shorter one says birth to 19!


Both say you can end up as an assistant preschool/nursery worker at the end. Both say you need to do at least 6 hours placement.

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Well I still cant quite understand it as

the shorter course has Minimum Guided Learning Hours: 261

Maximum Guided Learning Hours: 277

and equals 35 credits

But the longer one

Minimum Guided Learning Hours: 269

Maximum Guided Learning Hours: 282

= 33 credits,

Im really at a loss here to understand how they can be so different in attendance.


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Honestly! Its the same course! The college still havent gotten around to changing the title of the course. The are both the Early Educators one.

However I can only think that there are more practical assessments done in the shorter course. She has now managed to change and enroll in the 2nd one.

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