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Parents being able to add EYFS statements to their observations on Tap


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I have recently become a parent and not just an Early Years practitioner accessing Tapestry. As a parent I am unable to link any of my uploaded observations to the EYFS as this is not a option for parents.

I am thinking it would be an idea to maybe have this as a option for parents who are familiar with and understand the EYFS. It doesn't have to be compulsory but would be nice to have the choice.


The lead practitioners on the Tapestry account can edit and make the links for me but kind of seems like giving them more to do and may not necessarily be the same as what I would have linked the observation too.


Does anyone else have any thoughts on this- good idea/ bad idea?


Thanks :1b :1b :1b


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Hi and welcome to the forum :1b , If it is was optional like parents seeing assessments and I could turn it off it would be ok :P and think it would probably need to be all or none, we don't even assess each others key children, we add obs for each other but the key person has to add any assessments they want from it as they know the levels their key children are at, we just find statements that are to low or high get picked up and it throws the progress tracking off.

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I agree with Mouseketeer, all staff observe all children but for us, it's the key person who does the assessments and decides whether to keep or delete the observation. During parent-key worker visits we ask our parents about some areas of learning that we may not have observed during a half term, particularly in regards to technology as the children in our setting don't access computers with us. We feel that parents always see a different side to their children to a preschool and our staff discuss any assessments they might be a bit unsure of as different people have different interpretations and we all want to be coming from the same direction.

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