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We had our inspection yesterday and we are very pleased with the outcome!


Just wanted to give people the heads up.

We were graded RI in December 2015 and all the info from our LA was that they would probably inspect us at about 11months but after i spoke to Ofsted about another matter and was told that they are trying to complete as many inspections as possible before the new cycle starts, i suspected they may come earlier and luckily we were ready.

One thing that came up during the inspection just in general chat was that i was correct and they are trying to get lots done this month so this means that even settings with RI may be getting inspected before 6 months has gone by. So just wanted to warn everyone in case this is your situation.


If anyone has any questions i'll be glad to answer them.

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Congratulations Alice, and thanks for keeping people updated! If you'd like to celebrate by having your setting on the front page when the result is official, just get in touch via PM! :1b

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