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I have a member of staff who was injured in a car accident.............driver hit her with a huge wing mirror, when she was a pedestrian. This was a couple of years ago and the problems this caused are on-going. She has to go regularly to pain clinics; physio etc and only two weeks ago a new MRI was ordered which finally showed there is an on-going injury, which could cause continued problems for some time to come.


Now, as a wonderfully lovely employer, I have paid her in full when she has had to go to appointments and I have reduced her workload as regards lifting,changing nappies and moving furniture etc( packaway setting).


I have had a letter from her solicitor asking what financial losses this young lady has had, and also what occupational changes have been made due to her injuries. Clearly the financial side ( from my point of view) is easy......but I want the OT side of things to be professionally correct, so struggling with how to word it. She genuinely struggles with heavier aspects of the work ( and she DOES try to do things, bless her), so i need this to be right for her.


How do i word this letter?? Some of you will probably have experience of this sort of thing..........I don't! so help, please.....

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Poor girl, feel for her. I have no experience of this but I would think that as it will be something used legally you need to stick to the facts as they are, describe exactly which duties she is unable to do and which she has to do differently or if they take a lot longer to do. She's lucky to have you as an employer, not many would keep paying for time off.

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I would be detailing her job description, then highlighting the roles within this that she is now unable to do due to her injury and for the foreseeable future.

If you are a committee run setting. A committee member could contact law call for advice. However as this was not an injury during her working hours. It might be something they are unable to help with.

What I must say is she is very lucky to have you as an employer, that is both sympathetic and supportive to her situation.

Wishing her well.


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