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Fractured Wrist


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Every year at the end of term we hire our local soft play area and have a party for all the children. I always state that children must be accompanied by an adult as there are too many children for staff to supervise safely.

Today a little girl has injured her wrist and after mum taking her to A & E it has turned out to be a fracture and she is now in plaster.

My question is should I be reporting this to relevant bodies and recording/risk assessing as obviously it wasn't on pre-school grounds, parents had to stay. What do you think?



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1 did the staff at the soft play area record it and what have they done about it?

2 Yes I would say you need to record it and get the staff to write their obs

3 inform your insurance company

4 inform ofsted and your LEA

was their anything wrong with the environment (faulty equipment etc) then if so ring RIDDOR.

send all relevant documents to insurance and ofsted.

ensure parents know your have informed the authorities and don't accept any responsibility

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I'm not sure the soft play staff are aware of the issue, when the child hurt themselves mum just took her straight to a & e. None of the pre-school staff saw what happened as we aren't 'looking after' the children at the soft play area. It is always made clear that the parents are expected to supervise/take care of their own children.

I will contact the soft play area tomorrow, the area where it happened was in a birth to two area and all the parents were allowing their 3/4 year olds play in there. It obviously got quite boisterous and the another child knelt on this child's wrist by accident.

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This is always a grey area but if the children were there with the pre-school whether supervised by parents or not I suspect it needs to be recorded...talk to your insurance company and they'll confirm. The soft play area needs to know but if possible I would get the parent to ring them.


Accidents happen ! my friends son fell 2 inches in a soft play area and broke his elbow so badly it needed surgery! :wacko: :wacko: ;)

I know when my daughter broke her arm at the local sports club they had a complete panic about it and got me to sign about 20 forms!!!

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