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Dreaded Nominated Person issue again!


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We understand that you need to be on the committee to be the Nominated Person now. The committee asked me to join so I could remain the Nominated Person.

That meant I had to do a DBS as I had a CRB and needed the mobile bit to do the EY2 form

So I did that and it went through but a month later has not turned up yet!

Then I started filling in the EY2 form but that changed in May and what I had done and saved (waiting for the DBS to turn up!) was lost

Then I tried the new EY2 form and it says as a member of staff I might have to do a Health Booklet which cost us £100 when I did one to take over as manager and that was most of 10 years ago so what will that cost now?!!

I'm starting to think it would be easier to retire!

Anyone joined their committee for this reason? Did you have to do the Health Booklet?

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