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Is anyone else off with the flu - feeling really sorry for myself. Aching, coughing, hot and then cold, and no energy. Will probably be off for rest of week. Apparently eight children in my class have been off with similar symptoms, and three were taken to hospital with rashes and breathing problems, but are ok now. Very annoyed as I tried to get flu jab (privately) but they ran out of supplies.


Back to curling up under my blanket!!!!! :oxD:(

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i hope your feeling better


i've had it too and i was poorly on my birthday (tues) xD not nice, been off all week (feeling better now) :)


I'm going to be like the queen and have 2 birthday's this year! :o

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I've been poorly with a bad cold (not flu but what people sometimes have when they say they've had the flu!). I went into work on Tuesday when I shouldn't have and struggled through, left as soon as I could for home, came back to bed and haven't done much since, apart from watching crap TV, sleeping and the occasional visit online! There were 3 kids off (out of a class of 8 is a large %!) on Tuesday and I know my class wasn't the only one to have kids and/or staff off.

Just hoping I feel better for the weekend and Monday.

Big virtual hugs to all the poorly people!

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Glmaidment, Hope your feeling better soon. sending virtual forum fairy dust remedy :D


Twinkle, How did I miss your birthday????????????


I did work 3 days at preschool this week, but's that's no excuse. HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT DAY ON YOUR SECOND BIRTHDAY. :D


We rceived a letter from the local Environmental health about the increase in levels of flu like illness and sickness diarrhia ( excuse spelling).


Not quite an epidemic, but I've never had E.H. letters before for "seasonal" illnesses, lots of schools are closed in our area. The recommendations are 48 hours off.



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