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We've been given some money for our outdoor Area which we were planning on using for a mini play trail. However, we have since discovered that the fitting cost puts us well over budget. One of the items was the 2 ropes hung between 2 posts to help strengthen shoulders.

Any ideas of anything else we could buy which would help the children with this. We already have 2 A frames. Or any other ideas of things we could get for outdoors which would be more permanent but effective!


Green Hippo x

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Is the grant a local thing?


Actually in this case both are local trusts but there is loads of info on line about who to go to.....we are a not for profit charity so that helps but some companies will work with you just because you are education.

Do you have any parents who work for big companies or banks? they will often have a charitable arm too and the Co-op has a community scheme (in fact all the supermarkets do)

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