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Why is it that....... :D


You can never keep lids on felt tip pens??


You only ever lose one peice of each jigsaw?


You will always have one less board rubber than chalk boards?


All of your duplo people will disappear never to return!


Tell me its not just my tidying up! What happens in your rooms?

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............ditto the above ( apart from hobnobs- don't have time for tea/coffee, let alone biscuits!!!)


we miss the wheels from the lego, paintbrushes, gluesticks, cellotape, bluetack, dice, and in the summer at least one child per day will lose a sock :o



and then there is all the important information/ paperwork - now where did I file that Speech & langugage training day info??

1/ in the staff Professional development files?,

2/ in the draw? (for the staff member who I want to go),

3/ in my "in tray"?

4/ on my office table at home?

5/ on the table at preschool?

6/ in my car?

7/ in the "To do" tray?

8/ in one of my many "I'm a bag lady" bags I use for preschool?

9/ In the Senco box?

10/ in none of the above, but it is sure to turn up in the most obvious place the day after the event xD


and that is just ONE piece of paper :(



p.s. Akire, thanks for the light hearted topic, now I know I'm not alone. :D

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Oh lovely I'm glad I'm not the only bag lady around. they seem to be the only thing that multiplies in my place. Even though I spend a whole morning filing from my plastic bags to my big file boxes. by the next day I still have another plastic bag. :o

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Now there's another topic- the lost property box- endless jumpers, cardigans, sock (one of), gloves (one of), hats, one pair of trousers !!!! and one pair of knickers??? Where do these all come from and why don't they get claimed?

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Not to mention coats, umbrellas, lunch boxes, flasks!



Those lovely fabric interactive wall-hanging things - we had one for numbers, one object for 1 and so on - there always seems to be something missing!

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I even had a mothers coat got left, with us. glad i'm not the only one who has things disappear. we thought it was the goblin in the cupboard at night that eats things :oxD

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