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I have a member of staff who supports a child with additional needs as well as being key person to 6 others. The child does not need one to one but has a plan for activities to be carried out to support her development so this member of staff has to plan, resource, carry out and monitor this. We have just received some funding to support this child so I want to recognise this member of staff's extra responsibility and workload by paying her more.

She knows that this is only for when the child is with us but I'm not sure how to go about it. Do I increase her hourly rate, or just have a set amount paid as a special responsibility payment weekly?

Does it have to be included in calculating her holiday pay?

Any advice. Thanks

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I could imagine opening a whole can of worms and would probably take professional advice. What are you specifically rewarding her for? Does anyone else do the same? Do you have any children with additional funding and do you reward other staff. If she is off sick, training etc and someone else fills the role, will you give them an enhancement?


Sorry that sounds really negative, not meant to be.

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