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HI all


I am hoping that I can ask this question clearly as I seem to be confusing everyone including myself.


Ok so we are still 'lucky' enough to be able to shut for four training days a year. However we don't all need the same training. So I suggested that we all do the training we need and then we would get paid on the days we shut rather than at the time, this worked well for some time.


At the time a lot of the training was in the evening on days staff didn't work so all quite straight forward. Now however more training is full day and on days they would normally work. So if I say right that day you will not get paid for now you will get paid it on one of the days we are shut (so you get paid but don't come in on the shut day) staff feel they lose money by doing the training. If I let them get paid in salary as normal but then don't pay them for the day we shut they loose a days wages in an enforced shut down. If I pay both then I have paid twice, to say nothing of the wages I need to pay the member of staff covering them while they train.


Is there a way around this? what do other people do/suggest? am I making any sense as I feel after having tried to work this out today I have confused myself and everybody else.

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I understand what you are saying. Do you keep track of what staff are doing in hours - how many hours does 4 days equate to and do all your staff work the same number of hours. What happens if staff train under or over their allocated training hours. Sorry - lots of questions. Got my staff hat on !!!!

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We don't close for any training days......


Paying for training has always been an 'emotive' subject in my setting. We never used to get paid for any training outside of work time but did get paid our usual pay if we had to miss work to train. This then changed to getting paid £5 per hour for ALL training whether it is inside or outside of working hours - although this meant we got paid less if we should have been working it kind of levelled out once we had received payment for work outside of work hours. However we did find that 1 or 2 staff ONLY did training outside of work so got paid more than those who did half and half.....


We now pay full pay for any hours missed because of training and £5 for any hours on top of that - touch wood all the staff seem happy with this.....


Could you scrap the training days and let staff train when training is available? I know you would have to pay staff to work on those 4 days instead but would children come in if those days were open?

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