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Hi All,


this is my first day of trial and i would like to make sure i can get the most out of it. I am a childminder and was concedering buying this full version. Please if anyone has any useful information to share with me please do so.


I would like to know:- How this is useful for you as a childminder

If this is only for Obs or can I use for planning etc





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we started using tapestry in october and wouldnt go back.

it does so much (i am still finding out) -it does obs which you add the eyfs statements too (can also add coel , ecat etc) - it will give you ideas on where next to do an obs and also next steps (upto you if you want to use these) so these will give you ideas on what and where to plan for.

it will also allow you to see where children are at risk of delay / exceeding expectations.

so much else - you can group by age, gender, eypp etc.,

look through it there are lots of tutorials which will show you what you can do.

well worth the money

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I use Tapestry as a childminder. It's great. Next steps and next observations can be produced from assessments. Great for two YO checks. Parents love it. Ofsted loved it because I was able to show how I assess learning and know the children. I only use the PC version but I really want to get a new tablet to use the App. Enjoy. H

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