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elf on the shelf has left the building


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well after almost two weeks the elf has left the building!

the children absolutely loved him - he would set them daily challenges like learn a song for christmas, listen to a christmas story etc.,

we took and printed photos of him using different parts of the setting - drawing, in the sand tray, using the bricks etc and left a note next to him saying "whilst you were away" - the children would search for him each day and found it so funny that he was using the toys whilst they were away.

he was leaving last night on his "stickle brick" rocket he had made - fuelled by magic of course.

he will definitely be coming back next year.


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Ours left yesterday too :( The children absolutely adored him and the parents seemed to enjoy seeing photos of his antics on Facebook based on all the 'likes'. It was a great success and so sweet when they all said goodbye to him yesterday when he left with Santa!

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