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hi all,


I would like to know what your thoughts are on the following scenarios


a) a 50 month old child has the 40-60 age band coloured in green (green=secure) for all aspects of C&L in her summative assessment. would you interpret that as the child being at the Expected Level or Exceeding when uploading it onto the tracker?


b ) a 47 month old child has the 40-60month old age band coloured in orange (developing) for speaking, has the 40-60 month old age band in red (emerging) for listening and has the 40-60 month age band in red (emerging) for understanding. Where would you lace that child's development; expected or emerging?


c)a child has green for speaking, orange for listening and red for understanding=overall development out of the three E's??


does anyone else assess using this "traffic light" system, secure, developing, emerging?


many thanks

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Well i thought.. the 3 E's are the same as Emerging, Developing and Secure just renamed..


Emerging, Embedding, Exceeding are the 3 E's i think? i never really used those to be honest?


It is still the same.. either the child is just starting to learn an area, they are middle way through learning an area, or they have learned enough of the area to move up to the next age band.


I would say 0-25% - 26-70% - and then 71% and above, is a guide i use if a tracking system is being "ticked off"


People will use different guides of course.

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