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Hi all, we are currently committee run and it's like pulling teeth every year at the AGM to get anyone involved (as I'm sure a lot of you have experienced) and even when they do volunteer nobody turns up to the committee meeting.


We have heard about the option of becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, but wondered what's involved and how easy it is to do? What I read up it looked quite complicated.


What do we gain by doing this?


Thanks as always for your opinions.



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We investigated this but haven't done it as we haven't got any assets.


You would still need people to hold roles. But would have to close down your existing structure and start again which can take up to a year I think. It means transferring your registration, bank accounts etc.


If are PLA members they can give support for the transfer. Lots have done it, but you would need the committee to do a lot of work, I can't get mine to complete Ey2 / dibs checks.

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