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I'm completely new to all this (childminding and Tapestry) so I'm doing a 14 day trial. I am just after a easy to use tool for recording learning and progress but am confused between PRAMS and Tapestry. Do they do the same thing? If not what is the difference? Which is recommended?!!!


Thanks in advance

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Hi Lee -

If you want a simple tool for recording EYFS DMs then it's quite possible that PRAMS would do the job. Tapestry does pretty much all that PRAMS does in terms of analysis, plus it offers a complete learning journal solution that is very good at facilitating communication with parents - PRAMS does not provide this. Tapestry also offers other assessment frameworks for you to record against (eg Leuven, CoEL, ECAT).


The other main difference is that we host the data for Tapestry, whereas PRAMS is a downloadable program and you are responsible for looking after your own data.


Finally, we won't be developing PRAMS further, as we're concentrating our efforts on Tapestry now. So if the EYFS/DM changes or is replaced, PRAMS will become obsolete very quickly.


Hope that all helps. :1b

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