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It would make more sense for the LA to do the inspections due to many settings already building up a relationship throughout support periods. I guess the reason to use Ofsted is to keep it an independent inspection rather than causing conflicts of interests that could occur.


yes this 30 hours funding is causing many problems for all! I guess we will find out more today!

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Economic security, national security and opportunity are at the heart of this year's Spending Review, explains the Chancellor


Just wanted to add something to this thread not directly involved with childcare. Just to hopefully make some people aware of where our budget actually goes and why! (in my opinion)


Many people including friends and family of mine take little interest in politics and in particular the problems we are facing in the world at the moment. They say "it doesn't effect me so i don't care" and they would rather watch Football or share funny videos on social media. Well i say it does effect most people.. ie if you have young children, or need social housing etc the austerity cuts will be effecting you!


When we can afford to spend billions on military defense, when our police force is suffering, then something is wrong. What is more important? Another question is; why do we need more military defense and the answer is; due to these "extremist" terror threats of course.


Now this is where i put my tin foil hat back on: If the reason we need to invade countries in the Middle East is for financial gain, and we successfully invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and ultimately now own the resources of these countries, why haven't we actually gained financially? All we have done is help create these so called "extremist" groups that are now costing us billions on defense equipment. Who is actually gaining from the resources we stole in the middle east?


Well it all comes down to Russia i feel. Russia was also aiming to take Afghanistan's resources for themselves.


A recent article showing that Russia are still interested in Afghanistan.


Well the "West" could not allow Russia to take these resources for themselves, so they helped the Taliban and also created Al Qaeda - SOURCE


In helping these groups to defeat Russia.. the US controlled Afghanistan and it's resources. But we now see many more similar "moderate rebel" groups emerging like Al Nusra, ISIS and many more. These groups are able to spread their religious beliefs further and wider with the help of the US and into other countries like Iraq and Syria and thus history repeated itself in these countries.


These countries where doing very well for themselves before these "problem groups" emerged, to aid the US into also invading them again for their natural resources, all for profit and political power in the Middle East. Iran is the next target of course!


I won't mention Israel or Saudi Arabia (US,UK allies) here because that will lead to me to a whole other story!


SO.. after my version of a history lesson, i will bring it back to the main points. So the US along with the UK and others helped to create these problems of "extremists" we are now threatened with today and that we need to spend our "budget" on defense equipment and foreign aid in particular. In doing so we have had to cut our police force, social housing and many other essential spending.


This puts far more vulnerable people at risk than ISIS ever will! What has actually been the point?! Was it to simply stop Russia and China from being the dominant force in the world?! If you have heard of the BRICS nations and understand how they are creating their own banking system away from the dollar, you will see they are pretty independent countries that are not threatened by the US, UK interventions many countries are facing. Who will be the dominant force in the future, and who get's hurt in the process.. this is the real reason many people are suffering in this world!

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Hmmm sorry i do like to rant now and again.. and this is my thread :P


To be fair.. the funding that is allocated for this period is linked to the overall budget.. that is linked to the reason for my rant.


if other things didn't need paying for.. we could get more money into the childcare sector. So i was making people aware of why we are in this position in the 1st place. The reason we are in this position of having austerity measures is due to THE PUBLIC allowing it to happen due to ignorance in the past.


SO by educating people.. maybe we can avoid further conflicts by voting NO to invading countries or intervening in things that only benefit the few ie bankers.. we the public do not benefit and never will as long as we are not taking an interest.


peace out! :D

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