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School in Nottinghamshire requiring support

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place...I am new.

We have only just started using Tapestry and we are due OFSTED and I need to talk to someone about how to present my data tracking. I had only just cracked it on the old system last year, and HMI were impressed at that point. Now we've gone with Tapestry, I have no clue how to interpret the data that is there...

Please reply if you are up and running with analysis of data and you are in Nottinghamshire? I would love to visit and pick your brains?


Thank you in advance,



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Hi, Carolyn and welcome to the forum. I used Tapestry and found the 'snapshot' tab really useful. You could use the analysis to show a starting baseline at this time of year, and then show progress growing over the year. Of you could use it to show the whole group progression. Have a little look at that, and see if that's what you are looking for

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The other screen to look at if you've had two assessment periods to compare, is the comparison screen at the bottom of your screen from analysis>EYFS. You can select a child/group and two assessments periods, and see the difference in attainment across the two periods in a nice bar chart :1b

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