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Hi everyone and happy new year to you all..


I am in a foundation stage unit and we are planning to do a topic based on things that go.. cars trucks, lorries, aeroplanes perhaps. We have lots of boys who we felt would benefit from a topic like this which they will hopefully be able to get their teeth into?!


Im just desperately seeking some of your great inspiration which people may have tried and tested previously. or perhaps how i could modify the tittle a little better?

i had a search in the forum posts but havent had much luck maybe someone could even point me in the right direction?!



any ideas or suggestions would be grately apprecieted :)


thanks in advance xx

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How about Machines as the topic? That way you can include loads of other stuff too, like computers, photocopiers, microwaves etc etc which you probably have access to?

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Happy New Year.

I've done a transport topic, which was just titled 'Transport'.


Some of the activities that we did that worked well were:

* The nursery carpark was a big driveway infront of the nursery, so we took the children in the group outside and let them sit in some of the cars and explore the buttons. They really enjoyed this and had loads of fun (just make sure it's not a brand new car!)


* We also went for a walk, taking a vehical chart. Every time we saw a car, lorry, bicycle, etc... we made a mark on the chart. When we got back to nursery we talked about what we had seen and made up a proper chart. The children need help with this activity, but it gets them out in the fresh air, and the boys especially will enjoy looking for the vechials!


*We made a papier mache town and the children bought in their favourite cars, lorries, etc to drive around it. We had a model town morning. The children that didn't bring in toys could borrow the nurserys, and we set up the dolls in the houses and shops, so that the girls weren't excluded.


Good luck with your topic :o



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we took the children out to look under a car bonnet and at a motorbike (my sons, but perhaps a parent has one ) they took pictures of the engines which we printed out and these were used while they made a model of an engine, using boxes, straws tubs etc. we had some very good models and the children were all engrossed most of the morning.


we also asked the local police if they could visit and they came with a motorbike and a car which the children had a chance to sit on, set off the alarms and use the buttons etc, they were very good. The local fire brigade came another day and being a seaside town we also had the RNLI come in with video and props for the children to try on. This led us onto adapting the topic mid way to include people who help us for part of the term.



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Some things:



http://www.kizclub.com (For those who are able to, it would be nicer for them to draw their own pictures than to cut and paste.)









You can find loads of things via the Internet.


Steve... I have written down the web links to prevent problems of copyright. These 2 other documents I got from the FSF, yet I don't recall exactly from who it belongs. I think the name of the school is on it, so that will give the proper credit. If there is any problem, please let me know. Okay?




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I've had info about remote control beetles ( I think) which I thought would be great to use. I think they are called GoBots but not sure. As you can see by my fagueness I haven't tried them yet. :o

but any remote control vehicle could encourage the children to create route designs, races, etc.



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