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Mixed age planning - Nursery/Rec/Year 1/Year 2


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Hi everyone


Is there anyone else in this situation teaching in a small school. This year I will be teaching four year groups only 8 children but I still need to make sure I am planning and moving all children on.

Does anyone have a planning sheet they would be willing to share that works. I am tired of the monotonous paper work and need one sheet with everything on






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Im really sorry to see that you have had no replies here but I think you must be in quite a unique position.


Do you not have any one in your LEA who can help you?

I am happy to look at any paperwork with you that you may devise but can not help from a more active angle, although some knowledge and understanding of how you plan/ what your plans have looked like may help.


Good luck in finding a solution.

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I'm not sure how helpful this is, but I have mixed Rec/Y1/Y2 with 15 children in total and am beginning to try some ideas on planning that I saw on ABCdoes website. Search on there for Objective Led Planning. I've not tried it enough to be able to give you more feedback so not entirely sure if it'll be any use to you, but worth mentioning! It certainly looks like it's less paperwork and for me I can see how it might be useful across the mixed age range. Hope you find a good system soon!



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