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Hello there


I have been volunteered by my Music co-ord to take part in an African Art, music and dance project in my LEA involving Foundaition Stage and KS 1 - 4 classes across the LEA.

I am to receive twilight sessions on mask making, ceramics, art, african music and dance etc, but i thought that i would be a nice idea to try and make this a mini topic for a half term after xmas and was wondering if anyone out there had done such a topic.

Do you know of any good African Stories suitable for a Reception Class?

Any activties that could be incorprated in the KUW, PSHE etc aspects.

Any help would be fantastic - anything at all? :)



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What a big task you have been) volunteered for- I do hope that you anjoy it. I lived 4 years in Africa and loved it- I just wish Id managed to bring home a lot more than I did.

Handa's surprise is an ovious choice

The theme of animals is a good one, use the Lion King which has just been rereleased as a start.

'Over the Grasslands' by Anna Wilson and Alison Bartlet is also along the animal theme.

'Over the Green Hills' by Rachael Isadora is about a boy visiting his grandma in the village and the things he and his mum collect on the way.

'One child one seed' by Kathryn Caveis a super African counting book, where one pumpkin seed (in season at the mo

:D:D ) turns into enough pumpkin to feed the family at the end.

'Emeka's gift' is also a counting book amd there is aslo an alphabet book but I cant remember the title off hand.

Hope that helps you to make a start, perhaps others can add to the list. Do let us know how you get on.

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Hello there,


Following an extremely hectic 1/2 term i am now trying to plan for next 1/2 so i can have some me time over the holidays.


Got a load of stories to use - thank you for your ideas everyone and now i am starting to put together a list of actvities that we will do over the term.


I was wondering if anyone had completed a similar topic?? i've got a some ideas for Arty Clarty things and dance ideas but any others will be appreciated.


Thank Sarah

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This may be too late for you but I have done a similar topic in Reception in the past. We did visit the zoo, which may not be possible for you.

I used a lovely book called 'Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain.' It is a cumulative story on the lines of The House that Jack Built. We did a collective drawing of what we imagined the plain would look like, and talked about the people and animals that lived there and about water and how important it is for life. This is quite topical at the moment and with older children it could be made very interesting. We then put a musical accompanyment to the story using some lovely African instruments we borrowed, plus our own percussion. We made animal masks and a jungle scene, but our role-play was based on our visit to the zoo and all the children had loved the bat cave so we built that. We also used some music from the people of the Masai Mara. One series of Let's Move programs had African Dances on it so we had lots of fun with that.

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I think one of the best things to do is to invite in someone originating from Africa who can tell stories, teach songs and dances, show art work and bead work etc. This really excites the children and provides a great springboard for the arts etc. We have done this at our school and it is a real treat. (The same goes for any cross-cultural work about any country).


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