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Hello everyone!


I've been in Nursery for 3 years and in September will be returning to Reception.

I was just wondering how everyone is organising their days in Reception now?

My current school, which I'm leaving in July, is pretty formal with 'playtime' and assembly a phonics session, literacy and maths session as well as topic! each day so not a good indicator...


One of the teachers I will be working with in September is very keen on less formal learning and more child initiated and objective led planning (the person she works with at the moment says she's a bit paperwork shy though!!) and I wondered what everyone else is doing at the moment as it's been a little while since I've been in Reception.




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Ours changes as we go through the year, becoming more formal as we go


In the Autumn we have whole class phonics sessions and maths sessions each day - 10 mins max, and then whole class 'topic' input (PSED, EAD, UW) after lunch each day and a story time to finish. The rest of the day is spent with an adult working with groups (still haven't got as far as taking the learning to the child, sorry:() and another adult supporting children as they explore their new environment. Children freeflow in and out through the afternoon; outside is used for adult-led in the morning.

We keep this structure until end of Autumn term.


I think it'll still work this way this year with the baseline coming in, but have open mind at the moment while we find out about the nitty-gritty of what's involved with that!

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