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Hi all


does anybody have a simple way of recording any observation they do on sessions? and do you do the whole thing (like a mock Ofsted) or do you concentrate on one thing at a time (like interactions or staff deployment)


just wondering if I am making life hard for myself again





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You might get help from this thread - if you google what it says there are observation sheets for walking around your setting and seeing what learning etc. is taking place.


I tend to pick a topic for my staff observations let's say Shared Sustained Thinking and I will do my observations on that this term and next term it might be on staff interaction with parents, and so on. You could also do an observation on areas in your provision with a grid which is sectioned into 5 minute blocks and record what is happening in each area - how many children whether there is an adult there etc.


Just observe what you think is really important to your setting, your ethos and make sure you keep your standards up to it.

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