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Hi everyone,

I would so much appreciate it if anyone has a face book / social media policy that I could see. A member of our committee set up an invited members only page but obviously I need a policy to support it and I'm starting from scratch! Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance :huh:

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Sorry don't have it hand to post , but depends if you want one solely for Facebook or regarding all social media.

Our policy states that staff / parents don't friend each other whilst child attends preschool unless they were friends before.

Our Facebook page is closed group but only for updating, reminders , lost property , sharing links but not for discussing children or using as a method of informing us they are ill or not attending.


We make that clear that it is a voluntary run page and therefore do not appreciate or expect it to be used for airing grievances etc

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social media policy.docx


here is ours, I wrote it recently after researching, ours is quite basic while others go into vast detail. We do not have any internet access at work so sections on being online at work were not needed. I also set up a closed group on facebook for parents, I wrote this for the facebook page

1. Happytime Preschool aims to create this space for sharing and discussing ideas relevant to the Early Years education sector. We invite parents to express opinions and contribute HOWEVER, we will not tolerate personal attacks on users. We welcome positive and constructive debate but will not tolerate any cyber bullying!
2. Any threatening or offensive language will be removed by admin.
3. We will remove all hate-speech, racism,and posts that are deemed unsuitable for a group of this nature.
4. Admin have the right to remove any posts that have been reported or are of an offensive nature.
5. Your own privacy on this page is your own responsibility, think before you post!
6. this is not the place to discuss the children or any concerns you have, please contact staff in the setting for a response.
7. We will not publish any photos of the children.
for more information about the pre-school, go to our web site

hope that helps x

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