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HI all,

Really need some ideas for our whole school Shakespeare week! As a reception we have been given the book the Tempest to work with. Any ideas for a fun filled week would be greatly appreciated that can be linked to different areas of learning would be great.

Many thanks :rolleyes:

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Long long time since I read it but I'd be tempted to set up a ship wreck as your role play and then follow the children's lead. A treasure chest, message in a bottle, letters buried in the sand etc, making maps, make rain shakers and do lots of storm dancing!

Good luck x

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Good luck this is a hard task with such young children.


Making a ship with shapes.

Talking about being a bully-(father)

Role play desert island and ship.

P.E warm up (climb the rigging, scrub the decks, rocking there's a storm etc)

Planning a wedding(invites etc)

Talking about Italy, food tasting etc.

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