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Hi RedDragon


This is an old one we used to use, which has on on top right EYA for Early Years Action and EYA+ Early Years Action Plus. This has all been taken out now with the new SEN Code of Practice and replaced with EHP-Education & Healthcare Plan,

Appendix 07 Sample Individual Education Plan.doc


Record Keeping

No specific information is given about record keeping, the code states:

“Practitioners must maintain a record of children under their care as required under the EYFS framework. Such records about their children must be available to parents and they must include how the setting supports children SEN and Disabilities.” P76

There has been lots of publicity about Individual Education Plans and the fact that the new Code doesn’t mention these. I think it’s up to us to use something different if we think it’s more effective but whatever we use has to show what we have implemented and the progress made by the child. Remember that potentially, copies of all your paperwork could be needed if additional funding or a request for an Education and Health Care Plan is made. If you have advisors, consultants or Area SENCOs in your Local Authority it might be worth contacting them to find out if they’re providing any new paperwork for you to use.

Cheers Manor

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Ive recently been on SEND code of Practice training. In our LA they are asking for Targeted Planning sheets,. (similar to IEPs really - just want us churning out new paperwork)! I have'nt produced one yet but the example format was basically this:


Target Plan. for........................date.......................review date.................


Targets (3). Who (practitioner). Where? What(activity). outcome




At bottom, space for Evaluation

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