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Hi guys!

I'm hoping to be starting the degree this year. For my interview I have to write a paper on 'The role of the practitioner in supporting development'. I have all the most obvious answers but was wondering if anybody has anything a bit 'out of the box' that I might not have thought of! Thanks in advance x

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A few ideas:



Key Person Approach


Importance of play and how staff facilitate and promote it

Observation, planning and assessment (ongoing and formative)

Outdoor play


That's all I got off the top of my head, hope it helps!

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Key is working in partnership with parents as they are their childs primary carer/educator - so ways to engage with them and get them to provide information about their childs interests that practitioners can use to extend the childs learning. Also, important for practitioners to have in depth knowledge of EYFS and to keep themselves up to date on changes and developments and current research.

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