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C of E L: Creating and Thinking Critically - examples


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Wouldn't it be good to compile a list of examples/observed characteristics on fsf for C&TC that we could use as a reference? ... ...

1. M is able to group things - when counting the cars she noticed that some had numerals on them and sorted them, saying "one, two, three with numbers ... one, two, three, four, five ... they got no numbers".

2. "This doesn't fit ... it's too small!"

3. "When I go to big school Mummy will be bored at home."

4. G is confident to take risks. He will put up his hand to answer questions during whole class discussions and offer new suggestions and his own ideas.

5. G will put himself forward and took on an acting role during drama afternoon.


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Agree Devonmaid. This Coel is the least 'ticked' according to the analysis on our Tapestry! Due I think to not enough critical thinking from us adults! We don't always 'see' it...but its there! A list of examples would be a good idea to promote our own understanding of what to listen out for! Like your examples......shall try to think of some to add!

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... ...

6. Looking at supermarket logos - can the children identify them/talk about them? "That's McDonald's ... we went there ... we had chips. That says Tescos ... Mummy buyed my birthday cake at Tescos and she buys fish ... s'getti ... I like s'getti."

7. T: I wonder what will happen if we fiddle with this switch. "The chicks will get hotter and hot and they will die and when they get colder and colder they die."

8. T: Why do you think I am writing this [accident form]? "When you fall over you send acciddent forms because it tells your mummy that you've fall over."

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