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Do you mean like a daily check sheet?

If so, I think this can only every be personal to your setting. Ours is a tick list of our hazards, so as the usual's (clean, toys in good order etc) for us this includes-

  • checking fire doors and setting the door alarms,
  • making sure other users (scouts) haven't left items (ropes and knives) in the side cupboard
  • checking the landline works

.............. plus a whole A4 sheet of other exciting hazards :D The joys of sharing a hall :D:D

Ours is a laminated A4 sheet with 5 columns, at the end of the week I transfer any info/actions on it onto a master termly sheet .

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I stopped using them a while ago. They were just piling up, I had file after file of them. So I stopped writing them down on a daily basis. My staff are pretty good and check everything as they are doing it or before we open. If needs be and we find something that needs to be noted then I write that down in our diary which is much smaller and easier to keep.

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