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I have a good idea how to do one plans/one page profiles but need help with rest. Has anyone done outcomes to the one plan or have a template.There seems to be a lot of info on one plans but not much on how to write the outcomes or in what format they should be done.

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Are you referring to an Education and Health Care Plan assessment request?

I have just completed one, but needed a lot of support from our LA SEN person. Now I've done it once, I would feel much more confident completing another.

The outcomes will very much depend on the child in question. I put in four outcomes. They were a bit like IEP targets, e.g. X will be able to play alongside another child with adult support. I then listed the things we would do to help the child achieve this target including things like enhanced ratios etc.

I think every LA might have a different format though, so I would check with someone and ask for some help.

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