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Planning formats again!

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I need to rethink our planning formats and I need your advice and inspiration!! Currently we have two focus activities everyday, these are focussed on the childrens next steps. We then obviously have our continous provision for all other activities, play and picking up other next steps. I currently have copies of all the childrens next steps and plan a week in advance around these. I have hit a brick wall with planning(and everything else) and would like my two staff who are the key workers to be involved in planning for their own key children. They need to learn how to do this and I need to stop doing everything for them. So my questions are:

  • How will this work cohesively on a day to day basis if everyone is planning different activites?
  • Does anyone have a format that they use for key worker planning that they would be willing to share?

Sorry if this makes no sense, their is nothing wrong with our current planning, but I really need these girls to start stepping up and becoming involved in this aspect of provision.

Any thoughts would be most welcome.

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All my staff plan for their own children, each term they produce a table with their children down the left and areas of learning along the top, they plot the next steps on this sheet. Each week they have a focus child, on our planning board for the week we have the 7 areas of learning and they put their focus child's next steps onto this. If they achieve they highlight and put the date, if not it is carried out for next time. We then have a sheet which we put our daily continuous provision resources on. Hope this makes sense!!


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I could have written your post zigzag. We are planning a planning training session so we can all crack it once and for all. My staff just can't get their heads around individual planning and are used to being spoon-fed what to do by the previous manager :( It is a real sticking point at the moment...

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