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I am desperately looking for ideas as to what to do with our children after lunch. (2 - 4year olds in a mixed age setting) the two year olds are tired so really need some rest / quiet time but we also have a couple of older boys who pitch up at lunch time and are, I think, desperate to be outside. The problem is that for about half an hour we can't let them be outside because we have parents coming and going and it is too risky to use the outside space. So these boys are stuck inside creating mayhem. What do others do at this time? Any suggestions great fully relieved.

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we have an hour lunch club but children generally eat theirs within the first 20 mins or less!

Ive cut down on some of the issues of having so much time after lunch by extending the group time activity we do before morning children leave - either more songs or a story (depends on what they did before..if it was more active then we'll do story, if it was story before we'll do some action songs - keeping children engaged right up to the time they wash hands (letting them go via a song eg currant bungs or made up one such as "wash your hands wash your hands if your name is George will you wash your hands" etc......so only a few go at a time - they then come back and sit at the tables which have been prepared. By doing this it can sometimes mean we actually start eating a full 15 mins into lunch club.

When children finish lunch they go straight back into play indoors only ...toys are self selected. An adult needs to be able to join them and help to prompt ideas / provide something new if they just start to race ... it can sometimes cause issues where those still eating want to finish just to go play but not so much now - they have learned they have plenty of time.

It could help to offer something of what they've been engaged with the rest of the session - what do they do outside?...do they bug hunt / climb...etc ...you could try offering books / toys / craft that might link and build on what they enjoyed and make plans for what they will do when the doors do open...invite their ideas for what to have out etc.

You might also look at this


for ideas for providing something of what the boys want :1b

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