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I am fairly new to planning for continuous provision, when I say new I have been at it since September but as I only teach in the Reception class in the afternoons I have felt that the current planning isn't working for me.

I have a MTP for continuous provision broken into the areas and linked to the topic theme, but I want to know if I really need to do an extra weekly plan that basically just states the activities (this is what I am currently doing). Is there a better more efficient way I can do this as at the moment I am finding it a tad frustrating.



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Sorry it's taken me so long to reply...busy busy busy!

In the mornings it is a more formal set up...Literacy and Numeracy, taught by the other teacher who is also the Deputy Head, with the continuous provision I set up at the start of the day. I then come in after lunch to teach everything else. I've really only ever known this kind of set up as have taught here for 10 years...and it's only this academic year I have been in every afternoon. Before that, for the last 2 years, I just covered a Friday.

I'm currently reading a lot about planning etc including objective led planning but this wouldn't really work as my TA has intervention groups from the class on all the afternoons I have her so it is basically me doing it all.

Any suggestions or good places/examples that I could peruse, would be greatly appreciated.

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