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i know it's time cosumeing but i write one letter to each of my children from Santa. i have one set up and just change it to fit with the individual. worth it as they are delighted. I'll try and find it as it's on my husbands computer and I'll attach it.

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The reference to the wolf is because we had been writing to the wolf in Red-riding Hood who was living in our classroom at the time. He had been writing to us and sending us parcels.

Hmm it won't let me add the file 'with that file extension' whatever that may mean.

So..... I headed my letter with a small clip of Santa reading a letter. Then I wrote a letter and signed it on the comp. the stamp was made with another clip of a sleigh going through the sky. I make a lot of these for the writing area at xmas. Great fun and loads of pritt!! once you have these things they are there for each year so it is worth the troubel.

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Hi there - we just did this too!

I always use the address:


Father Christmas




My daughter is 11 and we have always got a reply so I'm hopeful. As someone else said it isn't personalised but what do you want for nothing!! I think the paid for ones give you a North Pole postmark but tbh I'm sure you could rig that up yourself and have them 'sent' to your setting...


We wrote all our children's names nad addresses on the back of their letters and they all posted their own letter. I didn't promise replies just in case but did say if they were lucky he may write back.


I've done hte same at home with my 2 year old who asked me to write that her big sister was good too awwwwwwwww. She also asked for a teddy bear... a black one... eek any ideas where I can get a black bear from? For not much money and small enough to fit in a stocking...

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