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Gross motor skill development with boys aged three in relation to fine


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Dear Wonderful people,

I am writing my dissertation and was wondering if

a. anyone has any really good links or upto date literature relating to the broad areas of Gross Motor skill development in 3 year old boys in relation to fine motor development and mark making.

b. anyone has any ideas on questions for a semi structured questionnaire for parents and practitioners. Am feeling a tad lost already.

Hoping you can give me a gentle shove in the right direction please :( :wacko:

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Alistair Bryce-Clegg's 'Getting ready to write' is a fun read

Shonette Bason Woods dough gym etc makes a clear link between gross motor skills and readiness for writing.


questions to ask:

something along the lines of finding out about the wheeled toys (balance bikes, wheelbarrows) children use at home, do they enjoy helping in the garden with digging, what is their favourite piece of apparatus in the park, do they go swimming, might give you an idea of their activity levels and particularly upper-body strength, though narrative answers are harder to analyse than a multiple choice.

Sure others will have more erudite ideas and come along soon, just didn't want to read and run

Good luck

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