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Hello - probably not really helpful, but you could start with the role play area. We have just set up what was meant to be an 'igloo' as a grotto, but the children are using it to play 'Frozen'. The intention was to provide a 'Narnia' effect. We used a dome tent and covered it with a white sheet, then white crepe paper and added 'icicles' to the entrance. From the ceiling we hung ribbons of white crepe paper and covered the walls with white crepe paper too. I will try to upload a picture later - it looks very effective. You could hang snow flakes from the ceiling too. Let the children take the lead ... and see what happens!

Afterthought ...

* Make a sleigh to replace Christoff's

* Set up a cabin shop - what might Oaken sell in his shop?

* Write/teacher scribe 'what will happen next?' (will Anna marry Christoff?) 'What will Elsa do?'

* Use ICT to find information about reindeer/castles/fjords/Norway

* Use fake snow (in Tuff spot?) add ice cubes - science - what will happen ...

* Design a dress for Anna/Elsa

* Have a 'Frozen' quiz

* Organise a 'ball' - write invitations

* Make a map of Arendelle

* Write a Christmas wish list for Christoff/Sven/Olaf ...

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Thank you so much for your quick replies. In writing we will be making sentences and we were thinking of writing instructions of how to make a snowman after playing the song. I was going to put Frozen related paper in the writing area. I do like the idea of a Frozen role play area, we are currently playing Christmas and are dressed up as reindeers, Santa's and elves.

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Freeze paint in ice cube trays with lolly pop stick poking out of them - use them as lollipop paints, like a crayon to begin with and as they melt they become more like water colours....this is not my idea and mine are currently in the freezer ready for next week!

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