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Not sure about provision map. Is this the same as the local offer. Our LA provided us with a template which is to be published I think on their website about how we support children with SEND and their families.

If this is what you want I will try and dig out the template and post it.

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Our provision map is an excel document - children's names down the side, together with the level of support we allocated to them (statement, EYSA+, EYSA in old terminology) interventions available across the top, then a number (1-6) to show which half-term they accessed the intervention.

It follows the year groups through their time in Infant school so can see across the three years they are with us who has accessed what, who needs constant support, who just needs a bit of a boost every now and then and who needed just one helping hand.

It does get quite complicated by the time they reach the end of Year 2, but does give a very complete overview as long as you have an efficient magnifying glass!

We do something similar for PPF.

Then we pull groups out of the assessment tracking data - on Target Tracker - to look at the effectiveness of different interventions.

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