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New on here so apologies if there is already a thread!

I recently started working in Nursery, attached to a school and I am really struggling with timetabling and planning. My background is KS1, and prior to that private full day nurseries. Prior to me starting, the nursery has had a high turnover of teachers and it was very adult led and lots of stopping and starting. I have tried to move to more free flow and focusing on my provision but now feel I dont do enough adult led, and weather they should be in ability or key work groups when I do. The staff are extremely stuck in their ways and are resisting change strongly, which isn't helping! I think I have reached a stage where I have over thought everything that I can't even think straight now! If anyone could give me ideas on they daily timetable/ weekly timetable and planning proforma I would be really grateful!

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Sheppie381, I am in the same position as you. Just started my job but having a hard time getting staff to change. So any help from others would be so useful.

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