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Just a question for those people using electronic learning journeys such as Tapestry.

Do you also keep 'hard evidence' such as pieces of creative work, writing etc., or do you just take photographs?

If you do keep written work do you have 'Literacy' books or loose papers?

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This is something I would be interested to know too. We have Literacy books for guided work, 'busy' books for challenges and independent work. At the moment we do keep some of the creative, ICT work and writing in a folder to go along side Tapestry observations, as we have only just started using Tapestry I'm not sure what to do for the best.

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We are a Nursery and the only paper 'evidence' we keep now is the following: each child has a small folder in which we add

1. Three main writing samples - on entry, spring and on exit

2. Number, counting, shape overview assessments again carried out three times over the year

3. Self-portrait and name writing - again three times a year

4. Phonics assessments - again three times a year

We found that Reception teachers did not necessarily want lots of samples of paintings, writing etc Just three which show progression.

All other pieces tend to go home. Of course we keep lots of photographic evidence of other 'work' in their folders on the PC. Hope that helps.

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We are preschool using Tapestry and we do not keep any hard evidence. Examples of writing or drawing we take a photo of and add it to tapestry.

I don't keep evidence because I feel that if a child has done something exceptional or that they are proud of they should take it home & celebrate it with their parents. It serves no purpose in a file that will go home a couple of years later. They won't remember doing it and that lovely excited feeling will have gone too.

I do suggest to my parents that they buy a box file to keep such memories in.

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Thank you for your responses. I am in Nursery and currently keep photographic evidence and will sometimes photocopy 'work' so that you can see it more clearly. I do like the idea of the 3 samples a year to easily show progression.

I would like some responses from Reception Classes, as this is where changes need to be made.

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Hi! I'm a reception teacher who uses Tapestry. We still have a learning journey however it is purely to keep any work they have done on paper so independent writing or creative work. ICT work I've stop printing off as its now evident on tapestry and saves ink costs (unless I want it for display). The children also have phonic writing books and in the final term we introduce maths books so that there is evidence of their ability to pass onto the Year One teacher. We also do big talk which again in the final term the children who are confident enough have big write books which again are passed onto Year One teachers.


I honestly don't know if this is the correct thing to do but I love love love Tapestry and so do my parents. I cannot fault it.



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