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Opening a new nursery, what do I need to do? Logistics etc? Help!


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Hi all

I am an experienced EYFS teacher and my school are opening a nursery next year.

My head is in charge of all the policies, regulations, staffing recruitment, OFSTED stuff etc so I don't need to worry about that so much.

However my role is to get my head around the day to day running and whilst I have some ideas of procedures and what I may need to do I am also new to this.

Could any of you very kind people point me in the direction of good reading materials or resources to support me with this...or tried and tested advice, which is always helpful.

Basically I need to be thinking about things like...

How do you manage ensuring all children have covered the curriculum areas when some do part time and others do full time?

How do you run you key worker system?

Do you have key worker group time with your children?

How do you organise your staff, do they work with specific groups or in specific areas?

Anything else I need to start thinking about?

Thanks in advance. I really want to get this right and have 6 months or so to prepare and start thinking about some of these issues.

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Hi Rufus,

Exciting times for you! Good Luck, and don't give up.

There is not one way to do it or a "right" way to do it. Read your way through the forums and try some focussed google search and you will come up with plenty of ideas. However just what works for me may not work for you, your setting and your staff.


Have Fun!

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You will get there, just take your time researching the questions you have asked because there is no right way to do it and so finding your own way will be better in the long run! xx

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Hi Rufus

Blimey what a question. Reading material there is so much out there. so let me think...

Have you had an opportunity to go and visit other nurseries, that way you can actually see what you like and what you do not like. Most of us are only too happy to show off what we can do!

You LA advisor should also point you in the direction of nurseries in your area that are demonstrating good practices.

Children and curriculum, If you look at each child as an individual and plan for their individual needs by using observations that you link to areas of learning you will find that children are developing and progressing. Your observations will demonstrate that they are accessing all areas.

I do not run a Key person time, al my key people find time each session to work with their child individually. The problem with group time is that not all children will be interested in what the Key person is trying to deliver - this is my own feeling and I know many settings that do run a key group time successfully.

All my staff have KP responsibility. They meet and greet child and parent on attendance, they keep the observations although all of us are responsible for writing/taking photos. Then finally they track the child's progress an report back to the parents. I assign children to key person dependent on attendance and try and keep siblings together there are always some exceptions to this though.

We have a weekly plan which has been contributed too by the staff, so if someone has contributed an idea they generally take it on. Each day we look at the activities on offer and decide how best to organise staff.

I will add that we are a PVI preschool so will have a higher staff ratio than you would in a maintained nursery so all these things will have an affect. But one final plug is for Tapestry, this will help you with observations and following a child's progress in a very easy way!

Good Luck and let us know how you get on.

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