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WANTED - Songs to link with 'My Family'


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I have decided on 'Granma's glasses', 'Tommy Thumb' and 'I have a little brother' (Tiny Tim). I have also found this one which I rather like - but any other suggestions would be very welcome!


A Family Fingerplay

This is a family hold up one hand, fingers spread
Let's count them and see,
How many there are,
And who they can be count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

This is the mother touch pointer finger
Who loves everyone
And this is the father touch big finger
Who is lots of fun.

This is my sister touch ring finger
She helps and she plays,
And this is the baby touch little finger
He's growing each day.

But who is this one? touch thumb
He's out there alone,
Why it's Jackie, the dog,
And he's chewing a bone. wiggle thumb.

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